Josiah Gallegos, son of the owner of North Point Financial Inc. is a very outgoing and lively spirit. He has been raised in the industry to only follow the footsteps to be licensed as a mortgage broker/loan originator just like his father and sister. He is currently licensed as a mortgage broker and also owns the title of being NPFI’s inhouse notary which allows him to engage with our clients at the closing table. With Josiah being the middle child of three, he has structured himself to live based off pure morals whether it comes to work decisions for his clients and life situations. Josiah is a character to say the least but he prides himself on maintaining a professional profile for the company. Josiah, also known as Siah to his close ones, prioritized mortgage and real estate at the age of eighteen after graduating high school. He worked in many sales jobs (phones, door-to-door, etc.) after high school prior to signing on with NPFI to get the true hardship experience. With a work-horse mentality that Josiah has, he will strengthen the team NPFI is creating. Outside of work, Josiah is a true Coloradan and he loves to do any mountain sport regardless of what it is. Other than that, Josiah is always looking to create thriving relationships for his future and take in any knowledge to increase his credibility as he moves forward through life.

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If you would like to contact Josiah for any mortgage loan services, he can be reached at josiah@npficolorado.com.

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